Small Groups


We’re thrilled to invite you to be a part of a small group at Water’s Edge.  We pray that you join one of our small groups at Water’s Edge this semester and  experience the support and value real community can bring to your life.  Commit to a small group this semester. Discover new friendships. Experience lasting spiritual growth.

  Check out options in Small Groups or Community Groups for the Fall 2017 Semester!

 Click HERE to find a group and sign up!


Small groups meet together weekly in a member’s home for the purpose of sharing life together by committing to challenge each other to grow spiritually, share successes and failures, create new friendships and even enjoy a meal together! Groups meet at various times and locations and last between 12 and 13 weeks (summer groups are typically 6-7 weeks). These groups offer a place to experience living out the "One-anothers" in scripture--like pray for one another, love one another, etc.


At times, Community or Mission Groups are offered as individually unique small groups for a season or purpose.

Community Groups are an offering as a part of the broader community where we live. These groups may meet at Water's Edge, but they may have a leader who is not in our church. A community Women's Study is an example of a Community Group offered in the past.

Mission Groups help us meet needs in the lives of others where we live. These groups offer an onramp to connect with others and help our community in various ways. Our monthly Men's Saturday Serve group is an example of a Mission Group offered at times.


What about Childcare? 
Each group will decide what they would like to do at their first meeting. (suggestions include hiring a group babysitter, trading childcare with another small group, etc.) 

How do I get my book/materials? 
Each Group handles this differently.  The best way to find out is contact the leader of the group and ask if there is material needed!

How can I lead or Host a group of my own? 
Groups often have a co-leader who is receiving on-the-job training for next semester. If you would like to be a leader, co-leader, or host in the future, please contact Water's Edge for details. 

What happens after I sign up? 
You will be contacted to confirm your group, as well as sent a map to your host home. 

More Questions? 
Please contact the church at 832-344-2162 or contact for answers to other questions.