Connect with Us


Connecting at a church is always an intentional thing.

Taking the steps to actually Connect in the life of your church is where community begins to form. 

Group Life at Water's Edge is an important part of living out our value of Authentic Community. Groups help you discover how to move church beyond the place you attend, to the place where you belong. 

  • Small Groups offer a place to experience living out the "One-anothers" in scripture--like praying for one another, loving one another, etc. 
  • Community or Mission Groups are offered at times as individual, unique small groups.
  • Discipleship Groups begin March of 2017. These groups are the vehicle to be discipled for lasting spiritual growth. 


Check out many others ways you can connect at WECC. Connection can occur as you serve on a Sunday morning team, by joining the next Discover::Membership Class, and even in events happening at church.